Juicy Chemistry Review!

Hello Loves,

Today I am back with another review on Juicy Chemistry Products which they sent me a week ago, They sent across the Rose & Sandalwood Mask and Bulgarian Lavender & Black Rice Daily Cleanser which is organic and made from natural ingredients.

Lets Get back to the products,

Juicy Chemistry Rose & Sandalwood Mask for Oily Skin :

The fabulousness of fuller’s Earth addresses dull, oily skin by drawing out excess oil & impurities. This mask beautifully balances out oily skin by giving it a healthy glow & adequate moisture.

This box is for 250/- and is totally worth it!

Juicy Chemistry Bulgarian Lavender & Black Rice Daily Cleanser for Oily Skin :

Does your skin get dull and oily half way through the day? Crave for a quick cleanser cum mask for an instant pick me up! Powerful Black Rice is blended in with gorgeous organic Bulgarian Lavender essential oil to perk up your skin cells into behaving themselves.

This Box is for 350/- and the best ever daily cleanser!

You guys know where to shop when you crave for organic products, or you can even shop this product from That1too.com ( Click on the blue text to directly get you to the page )

Hope you liked my blog, Do comment on what you think below,





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