Banjara’s Beauty Cream Review!

Hello Lovelies,

I am back with a review post on Banjara’s Skin+ve Beauty Cream, Sorry for not being active on my blog since we faced a lot of problems in Chennai these days.

 Banjara’s  is a very well known brand for skin care supplements in our Indian market and they recently sent out their newly launched beauty cream product and a body lotion to me which is made with pomegranate actives with SP 15 PA++, I must say its so effective unlike the other daily wear creams. Banjara’s Skin+ve Beauty keeps your skin youthful and healthy. It works on all types of skin. I am using this for the past few weeks and yes now my skin feels so smooth and perfect.

About the Banjara’s Pack!

This Cream works 3 ways :

  • PROTECTS : Provides Protection from Sun Damage.
  • REPAIRS     : Olive Oil, Wheat Germ Oil and Provitamin B5 Hydrates and builds skin elasticity.
  • HYDRATES : Pomegranate extracts helps skin from ageing rapidly.

Price : 100/- for 40 gms.

Hope you like my blog page,






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