Khoobsurat ft.

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Hope you had a great weekend.

I am back with my another blog post ft. It is a Platform where happy fans can shop the screen? Ok I will explain. is a brand where fans get the chance to shop their favourite artists dress which they love from their favourite movies. You can literally ‘Shop the Screen’ and ‘Stop the Screen’. Bollywoo even provides physical experience of watching a movie and shopping through the pictures.

Just two weeks ago I got this parcel in my mail and it was from wohooo! It was a really beautiful packaging and inside that was this beautiful heart broken shirt from Sonam Kapoor’s Khoobsurat collection. I am in love with this shirt as I am a big fan of Sonam Kapoor and Khoobsurat is my favourite movie. Bollywoo has a amazing quality products and are really genuine. You should definitely check out with them. Maybe you can find one of your dream dress over there 🙂

‘Shop The Screen’ from









Leggings : Melange

Slipper : Marie Claire

Necklace Choker : Claire’s

Lipstick : Anastasia Beverly Hills in the shade Sarafine.

Hope you guys liked my blog. Do comment on what you think below.

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