Neesh Perfume.

Hello Lovelies,

I have updated everything about Neesh Perfume on my previous blog post already. Do check if you haven’t. This time I received four more scents from Neesh Perfume and It smells amazing. I kinda like attar because of its strong scent. It keeps me away from bad odour and Neesh Attar is love as its really easy to carry anywhere. Its pikpack can fit anywhere from a pocket to a handbag. They have mixed up many varieties of attar from all over the world in each perfume. In one neesh pack you may find perfume of 25 varieties. Its India’s first attar based perfume company.

Each Neesh Pikpack cost you 340/-

So, this time what I received in my mail was :

  • Sultana
  • Attar-E-Ishq
  • Amour-D-Oud
  • Eau-D-Melfil
  1. Sultana

I loved this the most of all as it has the finest ingredients of perfumery and it will give you a warm breeze of amber and tea rose. It feels like royalty and be the perfect measure of your love.

IMG_5974.jpg2. Attar-E-Ishq

Make yourself more desirable with neesh Attar-E-Isha A fragrance that will keep you coming back.


3. Amour De Oud

First day of college? Amour De Oud  is the best choice for you. It will give you fresh, clean and profoundly smoky smell to create that first day impact. Feel fresh and rejuvenated any time of the day with Neeshu’s collection of Amour De Oud.


4. Eau De Mehfil

Are you party animal? Try Eau De Mehfil and become the centre of attraction with this bold and distinctive fragrance by Neesh. It has intoxicating base and powerful beloved top note

Base note : Castoreum and Agarwood

Top note : Arabian Bakhoor



They have 14 varieties of attar based perfume.
Smell well with Neesh pikpack  anywhere anytime.
Hope you guys liked my blog. Do comment on what you think below 🙂

Stay tuned until next time,




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