Summer With Neesh Perfume.

Hello everyone,

Today I’m back with a review on Neesh Perfumes. Summer has been really difficult for us all here in South India because it sweats like hell and we can’t carry our big sized perfumes or deodarant for staying away from bad odours outside. So, I would love to introduce you people to Neesh Pefumes which is a perfume atter based company. It contains very high quality fragrances and lasts up to 12 hours. Guess what? its a 20 ml pack which is pocket friendly and you can carry them with you in your pocket/handbag to stay  away from bad odour outside. Its pikpacks fits in any size pocket. I got this cute pikpacks in my mail yesterday and can’t believe it smells so good and natural. They have mixed up 25 different types of perfumes in one pack and so many flavours to choose from. I would highly recommend you people to try one of these.

Neesh is  India’s first perfume based company with touch of atter. Believe me you would love it too. They have 6 perfumes for men and 6 for women but any one can use any of the product 🙂

Price – 340 INR each for 20ML

Here is the review for Mild perfumes that i received in my mail.



It smells so good and good to go for wedding occasions. It has a very mild flavour and smells really attractive.



Its really long lasting and perfect choice for any given hour. MOHA BEAU T is really addictive and it is a ‘Bang On’ scent to charm your partner.

You can get your Neesh Pikpack perfume from

You can even find a store near you

They are available on,,, ebay

Hope you guys liked my blog. Do comment on what you think below:)

stay tuned until next time!





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